Disposable Caps

Quality Materrials

For disposable caps, we select excellent quality material and accessories to ensure that ones gets satisfactory breathability and strength. The raw  material is Spunbond Nonwoven PP (polypropylene) from 10gsm to 20gsm.

PP Material

Commonly use size

The size of disposable caps we produced is 18,19, 20,21 and 22 in inches. 18”, 19” and 21”  are the most popular in the market.

disposable caps

Varied colors

As for the disposable mop caps colors, we can provide ones in White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red and Black or customized as well.

white disposable caps
blue disposable caps
green disposable caps
red disposable caps
yellow disposable caps
black disposable caps
orange disposable caps

Style of disposable mop caps

Available is single stitch and double stitch of disposable mop caps to offer.

single stitch disposable caps
double stitch disposable caps

Packing Update

Following the update and improvement of producing machines and facilities, auto packaging for per 100 mop caps in a pack on the machine replaces traditional method by manual, thereby improve packaging speed and efficiency. Generally 10 packs or 20 packs in a carton.

auto packaging of disposable caps
auto packaging of disposable caps

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